Sing Hallelujah

INCREDIBLE Duet - Jotta A Michely Manuely Sing Hallelujah

Jotta A has taken the world by storm with his powerful, uplifting Christ centered performances. Michely Manuely joins Jotta on stage for possibly the most awe-inspiring performance yet. Watch this special performance of Hallelujah.

We Bow in Wonder...

All this milestone wisdom we have acquired
are nothing but a faint shade
of the reality of the universe
we have so much more to learn
we are just beginning to see
the grandeur of what the Creator
has given us as our limitless backyard

and when we gaze at the stars in awe
it is a form of adoration and prayer
to the One who created them all
for a deeper understanding of the universe
is a deeper understanding of its Creator
our ever expanding wisdom as star gazers
brings us closer to Him

Thank you, eastwind...

Sister Raquel Blog


Give Me Jesus

We have been hearing and have been repeating from childhood the Holy Name of Jesus, but alas, many, very many, have no adequate idea of the great wonders of this Holy Name!

This Divine Name is in truth a mine of riches; it is the font of the highest holiness and the secret of the greatest happiness that a man can hope to enjoy on this earth. Read and see.

It is so powerful, so certain, that it never fails to produce in our souls the most wonderful results. It consoles the saddest heart and makes the weakest sinner strong. It obtains for us all kinds of favors and graces, spiritual and temporal.

Two things we must do. First of all, we must understand clearly the meaning and value of the Name of Jesus.

Secondly, we must get into the habit of saying it devoutly, frequently, hundreds and hundreds of times every day. Far from being a burden, it will be an immense joy and consolation.


The Rabbi and the Paratroopers

This video is about a very special Rabbi who took in a group of very secular paratroopers and showed them some wonderful ‘Hasidic’ hospitality.

Watch this fascinating story that shows Jewish unity at its best…

Share with your family, friends and others... Let the dominoes fall... Jesus... Jesus... Jesus...



I am a Christian, by birth and baptism, by my upbringing, by practice, meditation, and repetition. The stories of the Bible are my stories. Jesus is my Jesus. Still, I find that I am always walking towards Jerusalem, but I am never actually entering at the border, through the gates. I’m not sure that I ever will. In my faith I feel very much like an immigrant soul looking across a wall, or a river, towards some land of plenty — of milk and honey. Jesus’ kingdom seems unattainable, and there is no documentation available. Our only hope at the border is grace. by Marcus Hummon

Marcus Hummon is a Grammy winning songwriter, recording artist, playwright-composer, and children’s book author who has been living in Nashville for the past 24 years. You can connect with his work on marcushummonmusic.com. He is married to Rev. Becca Stevens (founder of Nashville’s MAGDALENE and THISTLE FARMS) They have three sons, Levi, Caney, and Moses.


Gloria in excelsis Deo




Psalm 34

[Of David, when he had feigned insanity before Abimelech, and Abimelech sent him away] I will bless Yahweh at all times, his praise continually on my lips. I will praise Yahweh  from my heart; let the humble hear and rejoice.

 Proclaim with me the greatness of Yahweh, let us acclaim his name together. I seek Yahweh  and he answers me, frees me from all my fears. Fix your gaze on Yahweh  and your face will grow bright, you will never hang your head in shame. A pauper calls out and Yahweh  hears, saves him from all his troubles. The angel of Yahweh  encamps around those who fear him, and rescues them.

Taste and see that Yahweh  is good. How blessed are those who take refuge in him. Fear Yahweh, you his holy ones; those who fear him lack for nothing. Young lions may go needy and hungry, but those who seek Yahweh lack nothing good. Come, my children, listen to me, I will  teach you the fear of Yahweh. Who among you delights in life, longs for time to enjoy prosperity? Guard your tongue from evil, your lips from any breath of deceit.Turn away from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it.The eyes of Yahweh are on the upright, his ear turned to their cry. 

But Yahweh's face is set against those who do evil, to cut off the memory of them from the earth. They cry in anguish and Yahweh  hears, and rescues them from all their troubles. Yahweh is near to the broken-hearted, he helps those whose spirit is crushed. Though hardships without number beset the upright, Yahweh  brings rescue from them all. Yahweh takes care of all their bones, not one of them will be broken. But to the wicked evil brings death, those who hate the upright will  pay the penalty. Yahweh ransoms the lives of those who serve him, and there will be no penalty for those who take refuge in him.


How Great Is Our God...

This song by Chris Tomlin is so beautiful... don't forget to watch Louie's video that follows... God Bless!


Hope in Troubled Times

Jeremiah 33: 3
    Let your cry come to me, and I will give you an answer, and let you see great things and secret things of which you had no knowledge.

No one can deny the troubled times we live in… it is scary out there… worried about what will happen next. I’d like to share with you how my view of our God has expanded over these last few days. It all began with an email from a friend about 'the cross in our bodies'. I wanted to find out more about it and found on You Tube a video series of Louie Giglio talking of ‘the cross in our body’ as well as the immensity of the universe and how that translates to “How Great is our God”

I'll never be the same again. Maybe some of you know Louie's teaching, I didn't, I am so thankful I watched these and that He has expanded my view of Him. We have a God who is so GREAT!!!


...Jesus ...Jesus... Jesus I Trust In You...

sung by Angelina, EWTN

Works of Mercy
Be Merciful as Your Father is Merciful
We are not only to receive the mercy of God, but to use it by being merciful to others through our actions, our words, and our prayers; in other words, we are to practice the Corporal and Spiritual Works (Acts) of Mercy.
The Lord wants us to do these works of mercy, because even the strongest faith is of no use without works.

For more on "Divine Mercy" go to www.divinemercy.org

From the Spoken Word Album, "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy", Angelina traveled to Krakow, Poland then on to Lagiewniki Sanctuary of Divine Mercy where she met with the Congregation of Sister's of Our Lady of Mercy. Angelina's favorite place to have visited, Lagiewniki is filled with love and peace. A person can meditate and pray as they walk the grounds of this enormous area. The Basilica is truly magnificant with the tabernacle in the shape of the world.

We were to spend six (6) days of filming in Poland. It was our first stop of a three (3) week work schedule. I had spent over a month gathering different outfits appropriate for the filming of Angelina's videos. Upon arriving only one small hand held suitcase came off the baggage conveyor. Once over the shock that by no means our luggage was showing up in Poland, I looked around at the beauty and a peacefulness came over me and I began to say over and over to myself "Jesus, I Trust In You". What better time to put my fears and sadness into His hands. Angelina never once showed any anxiety. She was only 15 years old and again reminded me to have more faith and not to worry. We were able to break away for a time and go to the nearest mall. The clothes that Angelina is wearing in this video and "I Can Only Imagine" were from Poland.

Wishing you all a most Blessed Easter week and Divine Mercy Sunday! God's peace and blessings, Angelina Productions